Mini Troll: The World's Smallest Resonance Speaker

Created by Vibe-Tribe

Turn any surface into a 360° speaker with our Resonance technology. Wireless, Full Feature in just 1.6” Designed in Italy in 9 colors!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

almost 3 years ago – Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 01:47:14 AM

Dear Backers!

  As many of you already know, having received their Mini Troll or Tracking Numbers, we are working tirelessly to make make also the shipping and delivery phase as smooth as possible ;-)


We have already shipped around 75% of the reward and delivered almost 50% of them, trying to respect as much as possible the preferred delivery dates you expressed answering the survey! 


As you might know, especially if this is not your first experience on Kickstarter, this kind of delivery effort is not really common (normally the crowdfunding projects are even months late...). Mini Troll project is perfectly on time, we could even save a couple of weeks in the production phase.

We challenged ourselves asking you even to express you preferred 14 days delivery window... and we are making everything we can to respect also that. But we can not forecast the thousands of little problems that each custom, carriers, postman will encounter ;-) Hope you can understand it


Many of you got them already.  Many of you are still waiting for them. This just because we wanted to verify them with every company which is involved (and there are many). 

If you are not already been notified by us, Amazon or other carriers about your tracking numbers, you will get it soon since we are distributing the missing ones right now.


In case you need our direct assistance, please remember that you should contact us with private message on kickstarter. Try to avoid raising questions related specifically to your pledge (such as tracking, delivery date, delivery address) or to assistance (how to switch on/off, connect device, repair the device after a fall...) on the public, general thread. We are checking the personal message almost daily, don't worry!

Wish you all a nice day!

Team Vibe Tribe

almost 3 years ago – Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 03:44:22 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

almost 3 years ago – Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 11:47:20 PM

Dear Backers, dear friends!

  after a 'smoke test' sent yesterday night to 85 of you and carefully monitored for 24 hours...

... we have sent out our survey to all of you ;-)

Hope you will find it user friendly!



Please remeber to check very carefully your shipping address, check it twice! We learnt that 70% of the shipping problems are normally due to typos or missing info in the shipping address and we really want to avoid them ;o)


You will be allowed to add any unit / units you would like to add... no limits. A small shipping fee will be collected, alligned with the ones used on Kickstarter campaign. 

For the almost 300 Backers who 'upgraded' during the campaign, that shipping fee will be absorbed by us as promised during the upgrade phase, we will do it as soon as we get your survey back.


We have also added 2 very special GIFT CARD AND VOUCHER, inspired by some of you who were thinking to Christmas presents (already?!?) ;-)

Feel free to get back in touch with us in case of any problem, we will help you to make this phase as smooth as possible!

All the best!

Team Vibe Tribe

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Get Ready For the Survey... and more !
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 11:01:52 PM

Dear Backers,

 as already mentioned answering to your questions, we are almost ready to send you the surveys. It will take some extra hours but there is a very good reasons for this ;o)

We learnt from Kickstarter that the credit collecting will take them 14 days. This seems to be their crowdfunding standard and normally the backers don't even know about this process because projects normally take much more than this time-frame to be completed and start shipping!

Anyway... here are the good news:

1) we will still be able to ship by the first week of August and this is still 3 weeks earlier than our original Time-Line ;o)

2) we used the last days to set up a cooperation with BackerKit, a service which will help you (and us) to make all the process better, allowing us to:

  • Send you a very clear and user-friendly Survey for collecting all the info we need
  • Let you tell us the weeks you will be away from home for holidays, so that we can try our best to ship your rewards accordingly.
  • Let you Upgrade for any extra unit you want to buy at the same extra cost of our #12 and #13 Updates (22.5 for mini Troll and 44.3 for Troll plus)
  • Allow you to Track your shipment once it leaves our fulfillment

We are still working to make your journey with us great and we can't wait the day when we can finally start shipping mini Trolls around the world!


Team Vibe Tribe

30 minutes to Adjust Your Pledge and Get Ready for your mini Troll !
almost 3 years ago – Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 02:46:04 AM

The campaign has just exploded in the last hours... thank you again and again for your Trust!

Please use this last 30 minutes to adjust your Pledge if needed. 

Remember the info of previous POST #12, sent some hours ago (it was still night in US and Canada): you can upgrade without changing your Reward just adjusting your pledge to get 1 extra mini Troll or 1 extra Troll plus !

The Survey for the color selection and the delivery address will be sent within the next 36 hours!


Team Vibe Tribe